We help you "see inside" employees to better predict for performance & retention.

Search and Vet Candidates in High Definition

Modern science continues to bring mankind incredible breakthroughs that extend and improve our quality of life. Yet employee sourcing, recruiting and selection continues to use the mediocre past job title and job description-based process that's been practiced since World War II. Even with the advent of social media sourcing passive candidates, everybody expects somebody to know what makes for best fit.

Even when you source possible  candidates by coaxing them to look at your job openings, both sides expect the other to know what they are doing. Yeah, right!

It's time for a new scorecard that 'matches' the unique culture and needs of the employer with the instinctive characteristics of qualified candidates. With our scorecard, we can compare and contrast candidates to statistically predict their best match for performance, retention, engagement and satisfaction.

Whether you outsource it to us or insource our process and tools, our Science of Selection is the optimal way to harmonious talent management.

"Think of our Science of Selection process as making those 'soft' people decisions with hard data."
Jane Allen
Managing Director of Smart Work | Network, Inc.

Ideal Candidate Selection Process

SWNW Selection Process

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“Rhythmlink is a fast-growth medical device company and we retain Smart Work for our executive search needs. Their unique and rigorous Science of Selection process continues to provide us with only top performers who fit remarkably well into our company's culture."
Shawn Regan
CEO, Rhythmlink International