One, simple to interpret, summary "picture" for employee selection.

What if you could predict your new employee's fit, statistically?

Over 25 Million Profiles in over 35 years! Odds are we can measure your best employees' profiles, and you can hire more of them.

Working from Self-management Science, you can take the guesswork out of employee selection.

An ideal assessment can tell you why employees do what they do, not just describe their behavior

Fortunately for you, this ideal assessment exists: it's the SMART WORK | ASSESSMENT.

Smart Work Network offers more than 70 assessments tailored to a variety of job roles and industries. Our database supporting all these assessments contains the results of 35 years of gathering, and more than 25 million individual assessments. This foundational work has been conducted by the researchers at Self Management Group of Toronto, Canada, for which SMART WORK | ASSESSMENTS is a Master Distributor in the USA.

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Our Assessment is Different



measures behavior & situational traits measures hard-wired inherent traits
ipsative ("forced choice") testing normative (range-based) testing
may not compare people legally compare groups & individuals
not to be used for employee selection/ hiring can be normed / validated to a specific culture, job or manager for legal selection
requires psychologist easy for managers to interpret for hiring, coaching, development, mentoring
descriptive of behaviors predictive of performance and retention
must retest for different situations one time test data useful for entire employee life cycle

We measure potential success!

These are only a few of our many, many success stories of organizations who have adopted the SMART WORK | ASSESSMENTS.

"SMART WORK | ASSESSMENTS are now the standard by which we select our high performers."
R.T. Dunlap
CEO of Countybank
"Having spent over 20 years interviewing with the same old 'crap shoot' methods, finding a predictive, normative assessment was a revelation."
Scott Crandall
Former Sales Training Manager at Michelin
"We've seen veterans pick up the pace because of the new employees' stronger enterprising and independence traits."
J. Philip Bell
President and CCO of Greenwood Capital Associates