We're always looking for top performers.

Are you interested in a job search that we're conducting for a client? We are currently looking for a Truck Tire Sales Manager for the Southeastern United States.  You are welcome to follow this link and upload your contact information in our database we call TalentNest.  When we get a recruiting project from one of our clients we first review our TalentNest database to determine if we already have someone who may meet the requirements. If that is you, we will contact you with further information to determine if the opportunity fits your criteria.

If you are interested in adding your information to our TalentNest please go here.

Maybe you'd like to become a Master Reseller of our assessments. Send us a note and we can talk with you about the opportunity and what is required.

College students or recent graduates with an inherent knack for sales might be interested in becoming Sales Affiliates or Campus Representatives for our career planning assessments. We are getting "kick-a**" positive feedback from students and veterans who love using this tool in their career planning and job hunting efforts.

We have created an incredible tool for self-directed career planning called CareerChoiceGPS™ for college level or young professionals exploring their best career options. Visit our CareerChoiceGPS site here to learn more about this product. Sales Affiliates or Campus Representatives can make money while helping their friends, classmates or anybody seeking more science than intuition to narrow focus on their ideal career paths. Using statistical calibration of your self-management traits and our corresponding  database of 20 million previous corporate users' emperical performance data, we've tapped science to provide the alignment probabilities to your best career paths. NOTICE- Based on almost 20 MILLION profiles this data is unsurpassed by any available career planning instrument for accuracy and meaning.


Interested in becoming a Master Reseller?

We’re seeking qualified Master Resellers looking to augment existing product and service offerings to your current and potential clients. Our Master Resellers are typically consultants who already have a specialized business with existing clients. Frequently, dedicated to specific, functional areas, like HR or Sales consulting, or by customer types, such as Financial Services, Contact Centers, Automotive Dealerships, Medical / Hospitals, etc., Smart Work would be most pleased to speak with you about enhancing your offering to include Smart Work tools and processes, and especially our suite of over 80 predictive assessments.

Become a Reseller

What's the Value of Partnering with SMART WORK | NETWORK?

  • Smart Work’s people are the kind of people you’d enjoy doing business with.
  • Tremendous growth and earnings opportunity in a virtually untouched USA market.
  • Products are proven, with an unparalleled data base of more than 15 million assessments.
  • The ability to predict (to 99.5% probability) performance is unique in the marketplace.
  • Our model can flexibly fit with yours.
  • Resellers and ISRs receive exceptional training and support.