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Can you spot the high performers? (Hint: it's not their appearance!)

We can show you how to fill your ranks with top performers

By applying the principles of Self-Management, the number 1 competency of all successful professionals, and targeting only the right characteristics in your candidates, you select the right candidate every time.

If you're ready to move beyond intuition and guesswork in your corporate people or talent management systems, contact us.

"People determine the performance capacity of an organization. No organization can do better than the people it has."
Legendary consultant Peter Drucker

Find performance in every part of the Talent Management Lifecycle.

SMNW Talent Lifecycle

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Our Consulting Services

  • Customized consulting services for corporate clients and other organizations who are looking for state-of-the-art talent management methods, processes, tools and technologies that can help you develop a self-managed, high-performance culture.
  • Evaluations and 'gap' analyses of your current people systems, processes and human capital balance sheet, which we conduct so you can establish measurable baselines.
  • A Human Capital Asset Management plan for all phases of your Talent Lifecycle, enabling you to license or institutionalize Smart Work's portfolio of processes, tools and technologies based on the principles of Self-Management Science, and/or outsource some of them to us or our Network partners.
  • Proprietary techniques from Smart Work | Consulting, customized to your needs and tailored to your unique culture and practices.