We help you "see inside" employees to better predict for performance & retention.

We've solved the equation for hiring only Top Performers.

  • Talent

    Inherent (or natural) talent is part of a person's potential and can be measured. Fully developed by adolescence, it remains relatively constant throughout adulthood. Like DNA, it's hard-wired. Trainable talent, by contrast, is acquired and can be learned.

  • Effort

    Past performance predicts future performance . . . but only if nothing changes. The catch is that something always changes (new boss, new teammates, new resources, new process). More accurately, past effort predicts future effort, and effort always trumps talent.

  • Opportunity

    Good performance depends, not just on the interaction of talent and effort, but also when aligned to the right opportunity. You've got to have the right person, in the right place, at the right time to achieve optimum performance. Your selection process should measure all 3.

performance equation si

At the heart of our Science of Selection methodology is our ability to identify Self Managers through our suite of normative and predictive assessments. When a person's inherent self-management ability is aligned with an opportunity (like the job in your company), they will exert whatever effort is needed to succeed.

At Smart Work, we've named this product of talent, effort and opportunity The Performance Equation.

Our selection process depends on it. We identify applicants' inherent traits and talents, combine them with their acquired skills and knowledge, and dig deep during the interview process to uncover their past effort. We then systematically determine whether a candidate will fit within the culture of the organization.

The greater the Talent, Effort and Cultural Alignment, the greater the output of the equation will be. By the way, that output is performance in your company. We have the secret sauce to solve your performance equation, so you can count on the "Big P."