We help you "see inside" employees to better predict for performance & retention.

Executive Vetting for the 21st Century

Historical recruiting takes advantage of only two-thirds of the vetting processes that can help today's businesses find their right employees.

We can show you that third, critical piece missing. We call it Science Fit.

Become smarter in your candidate selection processes through the power of normative psychometric criterion assessments targeting candidates who require very little management or motivation. Our methodology provides much deeper insight into the cause and effect of candidates' past efforts, and it predicts their future performance and retention with you.

We can calculate candidates' fit to your culture (assuring retention) and statistically predict their future performance in your company.

Don't leave your organization's success in the hands of "network marketing" recruiters. At best, they are showing you only two-thirds of the view on your candidates. Because we get people, you get the right people.

"The average cost of a mis-hire can be six times base salary for a sales rep, 15 times base salary for a manager, and as much as 27 times base salary for an executive. Human resource executives at companies that comprise the Global 100 admitted that only about 25% of the people they hire and promote turn out to be high performers. 75 turn out to be small-to-catastrophic mis-hires."
Bradford D. Smart, Ph.D.