Our hometown Greenville, South Carolina provides a breathtaking backdrop for our work.

Our team gets people.

We provide smart companies with superior solutions for the entire talent management lifecycle, from pre-hire selection to post-hire development and even career transition—using predictive tools and processes, leading to reduced employee turnover and successful performance.

Be a witness to our core values:

Character: We do what we say we will do.

Competence: We expect continuous improvement from ourselves and our network of providers.

Collaboration: We value the relationship with our clients and our network, and we work hard to find the solution where everybody gets what they are truly looking for.

At Smart Work | Network, we believe there is a right opportunity for every individual.

Our goal, ultimately, is to enable both employers and employees to make the right choices, objectively, for the right fit and cultural harmony. 



Smart Work | Network provides executive search, talent consulting and predictive assessments based on Self-Management Science.  The longer you hesitate, the more your business loses with higher turnover and lower performance than necessay.

Meet Our Team

Jane Allen

CEO and Founder

Jane is a serial entrepreneur who has spent more than 35 years successfully working with CEOs and senior managers on talent selection and people development in a wide array of industries, ranging from Ritz Carlton Hotels to Coca Cola, Michelin Tires to Weight Watchers International, and BMW to Bank of America. [Read entire bio]

Douglas Garner

Senior Partner

A "recovering" Fortune 50 Human Resources manager (SPHR), Doug realized that the ‘conventional HR wisdom' of the past did not guarantee the right fit in executive selection nor any guarantees of superior performance after the hire. [Read entire bio]

Claire F. Kuhl

Senior Consultant

Claire has managed hundreds of projects, including a $30 million business reengineering project and a 1½-year, $60 million process improvement/cost-reduction initiative. She served as Director of Knowledge Management in the largest US consumer credit reporting company and again in the world’s largest relocation and storage company. [Read entire bio]

Scott Crandall

Chief Learning Officer

For over 30 years, Scott has held a variety of sales, sales management, general management and organizational effectiveness roles with Michelin North America. He joined Smart Work in 2010 and specializes in learning, business development and coaching for clients’ senior managers and for those in career transition. [Read entire bio]

Our Scientific Experts and Partners

self management group

John C. Marshall, Ph.D.

President and Founder

John is a well recognized and sought-after author, key note speaker, coach, organizational psychologist and innovative thought leader. John is a former NHL hockey player and coached professional hockey in Italy; this is where he formed his initial views on the relationships between talent, effort and performance. [Read entire bio]

Colleen O'Brien-Wood, Ph.D.


Colleen is the Vice President of International Development and Consulting at the Self Management Group. Colleen has over 10 years experience in organizational behavioral research and consultancy in a variety of industries. [Read entire bio]

Chris Gee, Ph.D.

Director, Research Services

Chris has a strong background in statistics and research methods and has taught courses in these disciplines at the undergraduate level at the University of Toronto, and is a practicing sport consultant. Chris has also developed several psychometric tools, both for his own research and use within the broader field of psychology. [Read entire bio]

Self Management Group
Smart Work | Network, Inc.

The founder of the Self Management Group, John Marshall, did his doctoral thesis on the effects and influences of competitive environments - of which he has first-hand knowledge from his background as a hockey player in the Philadelphia Flyers organization (1967-1968) and while coaching hockey at York University and in Italy.

Self Management Group (SMG) began in 1979 on the premise that top performers in competitive sales demonstrated a high capacity for self-management, a high need to achieve, and a low need for direction and ongoing support. They quickly found that these traits could be measured and, when matched to the right sales opportunities and company cultures, high performers for those clients could be predicted.

Since then, the profiles have been expanded to include other employee functions and levels, and the variety of industries represented by SMG’s client base runs the gamut from hospitality to healthcare and from manufacturing to municipalities.

Self Management Group and Smart Work|Network have had a formal relationship since 2004. Today Smart Work is a Master Distributor of Self Management Group predictive assessments in the United States and other parts of the world.