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Can you spot the high performers? (Hint: it's not their appearance!)

Self-Management is the #1 competency for success in all job roles in the Knowledge Economy.

Ever wonder if your people systems include the latest talent "big data"?

Self-starters drive performance in organizations. They require less management. They seek out whatever resources they need to accomplish your company's objectives. They do more with less. The ultimate in high performance. They don't cost you anything.

We can show you proven technology to calibrate the "hidden" human capital in your business and correlate with all of your other "Big Data".

Enterprising Potential – a measure of relative potential for planning and directing yourself effectively; correlates to your ability to focus on and achieve your goals.
EP Scale with 55 Score

Achievement Potential – a relative measure of the factors that motivate, inspire and drive you to achieve and illustrates your often hidden purpose for your behaviors.
AP Scale with 15 Score

Independence Potential – a relative measure of a person's need for structure, need for feedback/affirmation/direction and your dependence on team interaction; that is, does the person prefer their own way, or do they excel when working with others using a shared structure?
IP Scale with 0 Score

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Self-Management Defined

The natural state or inherent degree of self-directed influence one exerts over himself/herself, to the degree needed to achieve desired goals. When a person's inherent self-management is aligned to the opportunity, he/she will exert whatever effort is required to succeed.

Self Managers:

  • Determine their own goals, objectives and expectations.
  • Figure our what they need to do—the behavior or activity, the strategy or game plan.
  • Make a commitment to the behavior or activity.
  • Keep the commitment.
  • Give themselves credit for keeping the commitment.
  • Evaluate their performance of the activity.
  • Evaluate the results.
  • Seek resources for self-improvement and development.
  • Evaluate the overall process, over a period of time, to decide whether to continue, adjust it, or discontinue it.