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Can you spot the high performers? (Hint: it's not their appearance!)

Big company applicant tracking system & talent management capabilities for an entreprenurial price.

You owe it to yourself, as a business owner or corporate executive, to check out the technology we use, ourselves, in our executive search and consulting business.

TalentNestTM — Applicant Tracking System

Electronically identify your most qualified candidates through our configurable software-as-a-service. TalentNest helps you eliminate paper processes, automate communications, manage workflow and tap into career sites and social media to more efficiently build your talent pool. Centralize, store and track 1000's of applicant profiles, multiple jobs and employment process steps. Decentralize, yet standardize, how you use them to enable line management to most efficiently leverage your recruiting and selection processes, which will dramatically improve the quality of your new hires and save you time and money by only spending time with those critical few candidates.
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TalentNest benefits include:

  • Web 2.0 Software-as-a-Service application
  • Configurable employment recruitment process
  • Integrated diagnostics and assessments
  • Easy to use / intuitive interface
  • Continuous flow (always searching) and standard job requisitions
  • Always on (24/7/365) vs. date-based
  • Powerful candidate search and filter functionality
  • Company-branded candidate experience
  • Real-time workforce analytics

TeamProTM — Talent Comparison Tool

When managers have employee assessment data that is normative and therefore comparitive, they can evaluate their human capital on a relative basis. It's much like using dollars ($) in accounting for tangible corporate assets evaluation. By using numerical standards (profile results) from each team member, we can compare and contrast your "talent capital," and create what is essentially a "Human Capital Balance Sheet."

Using your database of Smart Work Assessments profile results, your management can create visual and comparative 'maps' of your current and potential teams.

TeamPro helps to highlight and pinpoint:

  • The right mix of inherent chemistry, in addition to competencies and experience, to effectively assemble ad hoc and project teams that can work efficiently on challenges and important issues.
  • Team member variances that warrant specific suggestions for coaching, facilitating and mentoring.
  • The right 'recipe' of inherent member characteristics to create the ideal 'brain trust,' which would lead to the dramatic innovations your company needs to excel in today's economy.
  • Predictive ideal team leader traits based on team-member chemistry 'gaps' or challenges. Don't guess about the right leader; know who would be a great catalyst for breakthrough and step-change results.
  • Differences in team member characteristics that explain the advantages and disadvantages of existing 'chemistry' that affects results.